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Competitors Line Up to be the New ‘Mountain King’

Entries are filling fast for the newest tarmac rally on the Australian motorsport calendar.

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart is the latest to sign up for the Lake Mountain Sprint, which will be held in the Victorian alps over the weekend of May 26-28.

Experienced tarmac team Warwick Rooklyn and Linda Long will contest the new event with the full backing of TMR and its principal, Alan Heaphy.

The Lake Mountain Sprint is the brain child of Melbourne businessman and competitor, Peter Washington, who created and runs the highly successful Mt Buller Sprint.

The event is made up of eight timed runs up the 10km access road from the ticket office at the base of the mountain to the ski village of Lake Mountain itself. Event headquarters is in the nearby town of Marysville, around 10kms from the start, and 90 minutes north-east of Melbourne.

“Competitor demand is how this came about,” says Washington, who will be working again with experienced clerk of course, Wayne Kenny.

“Our competitors wanted another event like Mt Buller. I had been thinking about running a true tarmac rally championship, so three days after we ran Mt Buller in January, I went to look at Lake Mountain.

“I was thinking about it for next year but Wayne [Kenny] and Greg Carr, CAMS’ tarmac rally safety assessor, convinced me we could make it happen this year, and that’s what we are doing.

“It will suit a wider range of cars than Mt Buller because it’s not as steep. I also think it will be more enjoyable because it is a very competitor-friendly location.”

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart principal Alan Heaphy says he is looking forward to being part of the new event.

“It wasn’t on our original plan for this year because it was so new, but I think it will be a fantastic rally and if we win it will be even better! I think Warwick and Linda have the experience and the car [a Heaphy-built Lancer Evo IX] to do it.

“It’s a great piece of road that will be quite challenging for competitors because the surface changes a lot – but there’s a lot more guard rail there than at Mt Buller and that helps make it safer.”

Competitors entering the event need to have a CAMS National Rally licence, and cars that comply with CAMS requirements.

The entry fee for the Lake Mountain Sprint is $1600, including the CAMS permit fee and the presentation function.